RNS Testnet

UPDATED INFO: on Friday, July 5th 2019, 12:00 PM (GMT) the RSK testnet was reseted. Learn more about this. This page now shows the information of the solution on the reseted network.

To test application integrations, we’ve deployed two variants of RNS contracts in the RSK Testnet, an auction registrar (a clone of mainnet), and a First Come First Served variant, both connected with the tRIF token.

Variant periods

Period Auction variant FIFS variant
Bid 3 days N/A
Unseal 2 days N/A
Late unseal 15 days N/A
Renew 3 months 3 days
Domain validity 1 year 7 days

Auction variant

Registry 0xe0ba8a9ff14a7dfeab227a4f685b08a1084f4ad1
Registrar 0x8cd41103edcf309714e771cd0c01f1e2b09f4842
RSK Resolver 0x480fee7506db34dde84cfec85057a6bd96b38e1b
Multi-crypto Resolver 0x4e88e8253d4a4f023103d2941458ccb2333db62f

FCFS variant

Registration cost 1 tRIF (fixed)
Registration tool FIFS registrar client
Registry 0xeff983147ae97758c04f65ac7dee7c7cacf48ba2
Registrar 0x92e0e035fbc120f268c1438051fb5b8c24d43641 (ABI)
RSK Resolver 0xa1190a76aea568300c512f3ee6e05e504da1797f
Multi-crypto Resolver 0xc52dde9af11185e13ecc516dc337a29b6f16d821


Token Name tRIF
Total Supply 1,000,000,000 tRIF
Contract Testnet Address 0x19F64674D8A5B4E652319F5e239eFd3bc969A1fE
Contract Type ERC677

Get tRIF tokens to interact with RNS Testnet variants from the tRIF faucet.