RNS Testnet

To test application integrations, we’ve deployed two variants of RNS contracts in the RSK Testnet, an auction registrar (a clone of mainnet), and a First Come First Served variant, both connected with the tRIF token.

Variant periods

Period Auction variant FIFS variant
Bid 3 days N/A
Unseal 2 days N/A
Late unseal 15 days N/A
Renew 3 months 3 days
Domain validity 1 year 7 days

Auction variant

Registry 0x83355fcb41acbe3919e4ff73ecffc07a3147b7e8
Registrar 0xb0cf0517302acf52f967d0342827ff9c01d353f2
RSK Resolver 0xf1143e2797bef4f8bd6059605e8134686efaa355
Multi-crypto Resolver 0x5c10db6fc2876fc61f67629770301c70562b1d13

FCFS variant

Registry 0xc1f9b554f9764a8b9db5d30d99c0a99ccf30b895
Registrar 0xb39103ddb46edb1d64a26e9958c7cf458dbc4023 (ABI)
RSK Resolver 0x40669137f90206bb3533358ebbd0f1910c39238a
Multi-crypto Resolver 0xee2bc6bc30d552bf638e5a9f7b499b00886fe327


Token Name tRIF
Total Supply 1,000,000,000 tRIF
Contract Testnet Address 0xd8c5adcac8d465c5a2d0772b86788e014ddec516
Contract Type ERC677

Get tRIF tokens to interact with RNS Testnet variants from the tRIF faucet.